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Membership Details

Why Join the HDI Chapter of San Diego?

HDI Local Chapters provide an opportunity for Help Desk and Technical managers and staff within specified geographic areas to meet on a regular basis. Local Chapters will hold monthly meetings to network with peers to share ideas, problems, and to hear presentations on topics selected by the Local Chapter program committee. Local Chapters will operate as separate entities, autonomous from, but with the support of, the national HDI.

  • Support Specialists - meet others who face similar challenges in the trenches every day
  • Managers - network to leverage the ideas of your management peers
  • Directors - discover what technologies and techniques other companies are using to "set themselves apart" with Customer Service
  • Executives - network within the community to compare job opportunities, employer of choice situations, reduce overhead, increase profits and keep a happy ship!

How to Join

HDI memberships are obtained by submitting your information and payment to the national HDI organization. This allows you to continue to have full access to the HDI chapter of San Diego activities and events as well as benefits from the national HDI organization specific to the membership level you obtain. For details about HDI membership levels, benefits and prices, click here: http://www.thinkhdi.com/join/levels.aspx.

Meeting Dues

Anyone interested in the service desk industry and HDI may attend the monthly meetings. A contribution of $10 per meeting is requested, and may be refunded if HDI membership is purchased within 3 months.

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